For them I've worked, on a per project basis, as an After Effects animator and compositor, a puppeteer, as well as a writer, director, and performer on various shoogerbare projects. The Raven and The Widow Present A small media company specializing in trading card games and comic books. I've been working with them on a regular basis, in a freelance capacity, for over a year. My primary responsibiliies are that of character designer and illustrator for a number of trading cards in a game called "Spirit Realms" HighPost Freelance A Manhattan based post production house.

I was part of a team of animators and compositors who worked on an ad for Bacardi, which appeared on IFC. Shoogerbare project lasted about a month. Mark Mark Productions Freelance A Manhattan based production studio that works with a number of cable channels and shows. I was the only 2d artist working on a game shoogerbare "Dead Drop". I worked as sole concept artist and character designer.

As well as production artist and special effects animator. I worked as a freelance layout artist, and graphics anime robot girl porn. I also wrote and illustrated a bi weekly comic strip called "Emailing the Police" T4 Publishing Freelance A New Jersey based independent comic book publisher. I was shoogerbare paid intern, and was responsible for photo retouching, and maintenance of all sight visual assets. I am reopening the thread.

Use it to figure out the extent of the damage, who has been cheated etc. Please do not derail the thread with irrelevant posts, or start a shit fight.

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Your post will be deleted. I deleted the last 7 posts already, so we'll just take off from Lilit's recap. Thank you. Exofluke Allow it. Joined: 29 May Victoria principal porn movie In order to get shooge in trouble, shoogerbare have to have strong evidence.

One person's word over another shoogerbare work. At this point, shooge got away with it. Consider the facts: A. The transactions were done through paypal. Paypal doesn't allow porn or erotica art or whatever to be the source of a transaction. So you automatically have to lie. Even if you were to use the transactions as evidence, it still doesn't hold. The actual younglesbianporn isn't seen anywhere in the transaction, so that pre-paid money is basically considered a donation or a hand-out.

Taking this to the courts is only going to waste more money on a lawyer and of course, you won't win because your evidence doesn't stick. Once you give someone money over the net, all it takes is for the receiver to either deny or say it was a "donation". shoogerbare

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From there, it just becomes one word over another Isn't the justice system wonderful. My only thought on how to catch him is shoogerbare find a record of all his paypal transactions.

One of them must say 'commissions art' or something of the sort. :: View topic - What happened to Shoogerbare?

Then when you have an unfilled commission, you should be able to use it with all of the others to bring him down. Not everyone of xxx shemele transactions will be a lie, some of them will just be half truths.

They could say commission, the name of the characters or the name of your account, maybe even a non-detailed description like just naming the setting and the number of characters. Not all of the evidence is shoogerbare naught.

Oh noes! Come visit my subreddit. That is true, but when you take this kind of thing shoogerbare the police, they will want every single detail. Got a tagme? Full of generic-looking anime characters?

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Look in the "Community" menu shoogerbare top for the link. Follow us on twitter rule34paheal We now have a guide to finding the best version of an image to upload. Do Not Post pictures with the art thief watermarks Shiro Art or celebrityfakes. Comments Anonymous : Anonymous: who the fuck you think you is calling someone DC 10? DCAU 6? Who Framed Roger Rabbit 6? Thus leaving a kelly star tube of butthurt and destruction.

His art is simplistic and he is shoogerbare of creating a background. A couple of dejected fans are looking to brutally assrape him with something hard and sandpapery and cum all over his face in a totally not gay manner if they don't get their fucking money back.

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shoogerbare pregnant woman vulva nude Brett Ryansalso known as Shoogerbarescammed six figures out of people who commissioned his unoriginal and mediocre hentai. Shoogerbare left Hentai-Foundry forevar and deactivated his Deviantfart account. He will shoogerbare respond to inquiries about commissions. He currently lives in his mom's basement and enjoys masturbating to his craptacular hentaiin his dog's feces and has spent his swindled commission money on 12 year shoogerbare hookers. Everything he has drawn has been drawn many times before by artists that have much more talent than he has.