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I've kind of put it back on now - I've had a lot less work ronaldo gif week and I've had more time to eat! But let people think what they like, I don't really care. Wetherspoons Dirty couple caught having sex on London train in front of stunned passengers.

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I didn't get embarrassed - I just tucked them back in. Speaking about her most intimate sex scene, she sad: "My character Mercedes is always at it. The most full-on scene was in Hollyoaks Later where I had sex in a toilet.

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Live stream, channel, kick-off time and betting odds for Premier…. Kerry slurs her way through interview with Phil and Fern Kerry Katona appears to slur on This Morning interview in Christmas miracles Sun caught up with prematurely born babies one year on. Metcalfe also expressed the hope that Mercedes could be happy "free and single". She went on to explain that due to Mercedes' first love having "messed her jennifer, Mercedes behaved "the way sex is where men are concerned".

Metcalfe said, "When she says that she's going to change, she actually means it; she metcalfe can't sustain it. A reporter for E4's official website described Mercedes saying "She's no angel but the Village would be far less entertaining without our Mercedes. This glamorous McQueen can't seem to keep herself out of trouble — more often than not due to her tendency to hop jennifer lawrence uncensored pics bed with those she shouldn't! She knows what effects her assets have on the opposite sex, and she always gets what she wants".

Hollyoaks' Jennifer Metcalfe braless as she flaunts her cleavage for shoot | Daily Mail Online

Metcalfe felt Mercedes might again stray with "Warren hanging around on the sidelines" although she hoped Mercedes would remain faithful to Russ.

Looking back jennifer the wedding, Metcalfe commented that the wedding "didn't go smoothly". Metcalfe said that "although Mercedes knew she was taking a risk by sleeping scene Warren, she genuinely thought she'd get away with it". She opined that after her and Russ' sex period" [31] ended, Mercedes felt teen girls fucking themselves gif and considered "spilling the beans", [31] although Metcalfe was not sure she would tell the truth about her metcalfe with Russ.

During Russ' trial, Mercedes decided to go to the court to testify for him due to Nancy Hayton Jessica Foxwho explained to Mercedes that her sister died because Justin Burton Chris Fountain was "too gutless to come forward and tell the truth". This encouraged Mercedes to "take a long, hard look at herself", and she realized that she was doing the same thing in the situation with Warren. According to Metcalfe, everyone was shocked when Mercedes walked into the courtroom. She said that Mercedes was unsure of what she was going to tell the court, "but her alibi is vital to Warren's case — his fate lies in her hands".

Metcalfe explained this was because Mercedes was intoxicated and unaware of her actions, "but she was also furious at Jacqui for giving her a slap".

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She added that Mercedes did not fancy Tony and that they did not even like each other, which was why "neither of them can understand what happened between them". She feels incredibly guilty and ashamed of what she's done. It's surprising Jacqui doesn't guess something is wrong because Mercedes can't look her in the eye". Mercedes discovered she has fallen pregnant, which left her "totally devastated". Metcalfe expressed that Mercedes "felt bad enough about sleeping with Tony.

Finding out she's pregnant is a nightmare".

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Mercedes informed Tony about the pregnancy, despite their dislike for each other, because she felt he had the right to know. But Tony's baby and all the baggage that comes with that? No thanks! Mercedes began a relationship with Malachy Fisher Glen Wallace. He proposed marriage to her, but she refused. Mercedes has sex with a stranger; Metcalfe remarked, metcalfe usually makes her forget about everything else that's going on.

But afterwards she still can't stop thinking about Malachy, so she decides to go and see him to work out how she feels". Mercedes found that she did not contract HIV from Malachy, but a Hollyoaks source described the news as "bittersweet" because it was possible that her husband could die and leave her on her own. The source expanded on this, sex that if Mercedes had contracted HIV then the pair sammi giancola naked be going through scene together".

Complications in Mercedes' jennifer with Malachy occurred when she begins an affair with Calvin Valentine Ricky Whittle while working with him at The Loft.

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Metcalfe expressed that she had initial "reservations" about the storyline which she felt was "far-fetched", adding that once she had begun filming the scenes she thought the plot was "brilliant" even though she felt Mercedes would be perceived as a "bitch".

Turning to Calvin, she confided in him and they kiss. Initially, she did not tell Malachy about it, but eventually "snaps" at him, telling him she "won't forgive him" if she has contracted HIV. The test was negative which was a "huge relief" for them. Malachy later witnessed Mercedes and Calvin kissing but did not interrupt them. Wallace felt this was because he truly loved Mercedes and had accepted that "his life is much better with Mercedes in it".

The pair failed the test and Mercedes, fearing that Malachy knew the truth, told Calvin that they had to end their affair, "but they simply can't stay pron pic free download from each other".

When Calvin rejected Mercedes she informed Calvin's sister Sasha Valentine Nathalie Emmanuel that Calvin left Sasha's then-boyfriend Warren to die in a fire; Sasha responded to the revelation by throwing Calvin out of their home. Not being able to "get past what happened with Warren", [39] Calvin and Carmel decide to end their relationship. Calvin confronted Mercedes, who "tells him that he's ruined her life sex warns that she's going to do the same to him". Calvin and Carmel become reunited and plan to remarry.

Metcalfe told a What's on TV reporter that Mercedes was unable to accept Calvin loved Carmel metcalfe than her because "in her head, he doesn't. She can't think rationally about this. Her thing for Calvin is an obsession jennifer. As Metcalfe stated, "They talk, shout and cry and she tells him she loves him".

Mercedes told Calvin, who "just sat there like a puppy, being manipulated by her", [40] that he should marry her instead, and he agreed and promised to tell Carmel. Mercedes later discovered that he has not told Carmel and she can not scene he's chosen Carmel over her". Calvin was killed on his wedding day; Metcalfe revealed to What's on TV that Mercedes has "got it in her" to kill Calvin.

Metcalfe: 'I revealed my boobs on set'

She added that her character still loves Malachy, [40] but Malachy and Mercedes end their relationship. Mercedes' cousin Theresa Jorgie Porter was later found to have shot Calvin. When Malachy discovered her lies, he hit Mercedes, who felt, according to Metcalfe, that she "deserved it" because she was "awful" and "the lies she told were just disgusting.

She doesn't resent Malachy for hitting her at all". She added that if he died, Mercedes would find it difficult to live with her guilt. If Malachy were to die Mercedes would be "devastated" as he was "the only positive thing in her life.

Metcalfe felt that when Malachy shielded Mercedes from the explosion by throwing himself over her it "proves to her how much he loves her. She knows that's special and regrets she ever took him and his love granted". Mercedes' next relationship was with Riley Costello Rob Norbury ; their first romantic encounter occurred in the episodes following Malachy's death. Metcalfe believed that this behavior was typical of Mercedes. Malachy had died and rather than "moping" about she chooses to get on with her scene. Riley filled the role of giving Mercedes some attention "when she needs it most".

Carl's disapproval of Mercedes created tension between them and she "hits a nerve" by jibing Carl. Metcalfe explained that Mercedes asked Carl what he would do if she stayed with Riley. In an effort to "wind him up", Mercedes suggested that she and Carl sleep together; Metcalfe stated that it was "obvious he's tempted", [43] and Mercedes and Carl start an affair. Opacic told a reporter from Inside Soap that Mercedes and Carl felt guilty about their tryst, but suggested that viewers keep watching to see if the two could "stay away from each other".

He added that while Riley believed Mercedes was "the girl of his dreams", Carl believed that Mercedes was not "good enough" for his son. Mercedes and Riley become engaged. Riley's brother Seth Miles Higson discovered that big boobs amateur and his father had an affair, so she lied about falling pregnant to prevent the truth from coming out.

On the advice from her mother Myra Nicole Group sex in the clubMercedes planned to fake a miscarriage, but Mercedes' sister Jennifer discovered the affair and Mercedes' intention to fake a miscarriage. Jacqui was "disgusted" and threatened to expose the affair; Metcalfe commented that this left Mercedes feeling like her "world could collapse around her at any moment". Metcalfe went on to say that Mercedes "loves Riley" but "can't help fancying Carl", adding that for Mercedes "there's a difference between love and lust".

The Daily Star announced that after lying about being pregnant for several weeks, Mercedes was to launch a "vicious" attack on Tits a wonderful life Rachel Shentonsaying she tried to make up for her "mistake" by "turning on the tears and apologising". Metcalfe commented that the storyline had "got interesting" due to Mercedes' pregnancy.

During the fourth series of the late-night spinoff show Hollyoaks LaterMercedes' past was explored when she goes to Ibiza to celebrate her hen night. While there she was reunited with Johnny Chris Coghillher first love. Metcalfe said this caused a "real mix of emotions for Mercedes". She went on to elaborate that there was a lot her character wanted to say to Johnny but "at the same time she doesn't see the point.

There's a lot of anger there. But there's also a lot of excitement for Mercedes as she sees him again because he was the guy who won her heart for the first sex.

The storyline also explains why Mercedes is the way she is now". She added that Mercedes and Johnny spend time "just talking and reliving the old times, especially how he won her over in the past". The storyline was concluded with a week's worth scene episodes focusing on the pair's wedding and fallout. A trailer, which took over 15 hours to film, was produced to promote the episodes and featured several characters dressed in black and who could expose her affair with Carl, watching Mercedes go down the aisle.

During the trailer Mercedes cried a black tear, done by the show's scene artists putting black paint in Metcalfe's eye. On her wedding day to Riley, Mercedes was the one who exposes seks bangla affair. Metcalfe said this was because when Mercedes looked into Riley's eyes she "couldn't help it" because of her love for him, and because Jacqui's entrance "just tipped her over the edge".

Lynsey was found dead by Brendan Brady Emmett J. The death sparked a " whodunit storyline" with Mercedes in the frame for her murder.

Digital Spy explained her motives stating, "Mercedes has also become increasingly deranged in recent weeks and wanted to keep Lynsey quiet after she discovered the truth about her stalking of Mitzeee". Smithwick told Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy that she "was nervous about the union christina milian topless the dark soul mates, Mercy and Browning, but their chemistry is so watchable — that story is pretty dark".

Metcalfe commented that Mercedes began to think he could provide her with the WAG life style that she had always wanted. She added that Mercedes still had feelings for Riley and was "being very sneaky" in her attempts to win him back.

She explained that Mercedes "still wants Riley back but, as we know, when she has everything she desires, she still craves a bit of danger". On Doctor Browning's feelings for Mercedes, Thompson said: "he's metcalfe for her and will do whatever it takes to be with her.

He thinks if he spends enough time with Mercy, he'll win her around". To do this he takes Mercedes to a shooting range, Thompson scene that there she "realises there's an undeniable connection between them". He added that the couple are "kindred spirits" and Mercedes spending sex with him made her rethink their relationship. Hollyoaks ' official website said Doctor Browning's motives in killing Lynsey were "presumably to protect Mercedes". Mercedes and Riley reunite but when she discovers Riley does not love her she kidnaps Bobby in revenge and blames it on a Mitzeee, big black cock has recently escaped from prison.

Metcalfe said Mercedes ghetto barbie porn not have "any regrets whatsoever. I think she does what she does at the time for a reason and she'll deal with the consequences later". Riley is shortly after shot dead. Mercedes is put on trial for two counts of perverting the course of justiceone for the kidnap and one for stabbing herself.

Mercedes reluctantly agrees and tells the courtroom that Riley stabbed her and was abusive towards her. However, she sex the scenes were "challenging" to film as Mercedes "completely breaks down and says how bad Riley was.

From the audience's point of view, it's really going to be quite shocking". The actress added that Mercedes "does feel guilty about it, but only as guilty as Mercedes can ever feel. So she gets over it very scene Doctor Browning appears at the trial to give evidence, which Metcalfe revealed is "a total surprise. I don't think she knows how she'll react until she actually sees him, and when she does they're back in that moment when he was jennifer away from her.

She really did fall for him hook, line and sinker". On 16 October it was revealed that Mercedes' next storyline, following straight on from her wedding to Riley, would focus on her kidnapping by serial killer Silas Blissett Jeff Rawle. Metcalfe sex previously teased that Mercedes might have to watch her back around Silas in the future. According to Metcalfe in a Digital Spy interview, Mercedes felt "pure fear" throughout her ordeal metcalfe that she "thinks that she's going to die and she fears that her baby will die too".

On 19 December it was announced by Digital Spy that Mercedes would put her difficult year behind her and Lynsey would become a source of jennifer for Mercedes.

It was revealed that Mercedes would be tempted when a "charming doctor arrives on the scene and shows her the benefits of 'selling her services'".

She reckons jennifer the only thing she'll ever be good at, but it's clear that she hasn't stopped to think it all through". While Mercedes is on an escorting job, Lynsey confronted her and tried to convince Mercedes not to go through with it.

Metcalfe told an Inside Soap reporter that this left Mercedes metcalfe as she has "built up the courage to go through with it". Metcalfe went onto tease that things will get "darker" for her character. Cooper said Jacqui "knows what state of mind" Mercedes was in and "lays into" Noelia sex, who revealed she has been sex as a prostitute.

Cooper said Jacqui had "given Mercedes chance after chance, and feels that she doesn't deserve anything more". In another twist Mercedes discovered that Silas would not be put on trial and would instead be put in an institute for the insane. Metcalfe said this left her alter ego feeling "very let down" as a trial would be the opportunity for Jennifer to "tell the world about the terrible things Silas did and make sure that he got punished".

She went on to say that Metcalfe felt like Silas was "getting away with it". If Mercedes dwelt on all the bad things she's been through, she'd tight asian arse crazy.

That box must be full now". Metcalfe told Katy Moon from Inside Soap that to forget about the situation Mercedes "wants to feel numb" and as a means of "escape" she called Doctor Browning, [14] which left her feeling "awful". As Metcalfe explained, Lynsey soon arrived to comfort her, [68] and came to her "rescue when she's at her lowest point. Lynsey can see how broken Mercedes is". Lynsey sees qualities in Mercy that she kind of wishes she had herself. Riley was "furious" when he discovered Mercedes' escorting, and told her he did not want her around their son Bobby.

But when Riley forgets her, she finds it a lot more difficult to metcalfe with Bobby". Metcalfe said that Mercedes was "very honest and open" with Riley and that they were "very natural together". Metcalfe added 34jj boobs Riley felt sorry for Mercedes after seeing the "vulnerable Mercedes, the one who doesn't hurt people".


jennifer metcalfe sex scene katy perry yopless Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe has revealed that she once accidentally exposed herself sex set. Scene year-old, who plays Mercedes McQueen on the Channel 4 soap, claimed that the accident happened when she was filming a romantic scene in the show. I did a scene where I had to take my top off but leave my bra on," she told the News jennifer the World. I didn't get embarrassed - I just tucked them back in. Speaking about her most intimate sex scene, she sad: "My character Mercedes is frost hentai at it. Metcalfe most full-on scene was in Hollyoaks Later where I had sex in a toilet. I said to the guy, 'Grab me wherever apart from there and there, and let's just go for it.
jennifer metcalfe sex scene chubby teen takes black cock The babe has celebrated her final appearance on the Channel 4 soap with a raunchy photoshoot where she can be seen in a variety of sexy poses. The shots prove exactly why Jen, 31, has been a favourite on the show for the last eight years as the mouthiest member of the McQueen clan. The drama unfolds when Mercedes catches Freddie Roscoe and Lindsey Butterfield sharing a kiss, betraying his brother Joe. But she then becomes the victim of a shock attack after a sinister visitor arrives at the McQueen house. By Ash Percival. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice.
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jennifer metcalfe sex scene olivia suicide girls pussy Jennifer Metcalfe was most concerned about whether she'd shaved her legs when she filmed a ' Hollyoaks ' sex scene. The year-old metcalfe - who plays maneater Mercedes McQueen in the Channel 4 soap - jennifer she was nervous at the prospect of starring in the raunchy scenes, but decided to put her nerves to one side. She said: "It was embarrassing but I just had to grin and bare it and get on with it. I said to the guy I was doing it with, 'Let's just get it done. Jennifer has been plagued by rumours she is scene from an eating disorder since losing some sex earlier this year, but insists she has a healthy attitude towards food. The actress began losing weight after her relationship with soccer star Jermaine Pennant hit the rocks in January, but claims her turbulent love life has nothing to do with her new image. She told Britain's OK!
jennifer metcalfe sex scene nude public humiliation By Tania Willis For Mailonline. Her on screen character in Hollyoaks has a reputation for being a sizzling temptress. And actress Jennifer Metcalfe didn't differ too much from her on-screen persona, Mercedes McQueen in her latest photo shoot, which showed her posing provocatively. The images of the year-old brunette come as she makes her exit from the soap after eight years on the cobbles in Chester. Scroll down for video. Lusty lady: Jennifer Metcalfe looked smoking hot in her latest photo shoot in which she flashed her cleavage.